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12.30.20 support barometer

"I want whoever looks on this to know that we are looking up to God as our source and provider, and we do not want money to be an issue. This is God's vision, and we trust Him. We also want to let people know the needs we have, asking God's people, for God's money, to do God's work. We want them to know that there is an opportunity for them to get involved in what God is doing in Madagascar and jump on board in any amount they can. That's our heart.”




What would you want people to know as they consider giving to support the ministry of  Shema Madagascar?


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  • Praise God for all the smooth transitions from Fort Worth to Madagascar. God orchestrated everything and paved the way for us as if we were walking on the red carpet.

  • Praise God for the generous donor who provided the ministry vehicle.

  • Praise God for all prayer partners and ministry partners who believe in God's calling in our lives and generously take time to pray, support, and help in every way. 

  • Please pray for our health. Toky, Fitahiana, and Tantely were under the weather. They are all doing better now, but please pray especially for Fitahiana that his allergies stop.

  • Please pray for joy, patience, and peace as we adjust back and transition with everything here in Madagascar. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  • Please pray for Toky and the kids as they are starting homeschool already. This is all new for all of them. 

  • Please pray for Mamitiana's dissertation writing. Pray for him to focus and submit his introduction as soon as possible this month of January; this cannot go beyond this month. 

  • Please pray as we are filling out more papers and will have a compulsory interview at the government office for the custom and duty-free purpose. Pray that there will be no complications in giving all the papers they request and that the interview will go well. Hopefully, we will get a date for the interview next week. 

  • Before we go to Fort-Dauphin, we will be having a week family vacation. We are still debating where to go, but this will help us to take another deep breath before full-on ministry.

  • Please pray that we will find the right house in Fort Dauphin to rent, with the right landlord and right cost. 

  • Please pray for the crate as it left Houston on Jan. 10. May the Lord keep that vessel safe and allow our belongings to get to Fort Dauphin on God's timing. Also we have bought the rest of things we needed for our homes here in Tana such as the fridge, stove and other household things that we could not put in the crate. These items have been shipped to Fort Dauphin through road transportation services ahead of us. 

  • Pray for wisdom as we plan, strategize and settle in Fort Dauphin for the ministries: Church planting will start in our living room, as Toky mentioned we need the living room; the Seminary through training leaders, from a grassroots level to a residential seminary; the Christian School Preparation Toky is doing.

  • Please pray as we need to determine our fixed monthly budget. We cannot do this unless we find a house, know the internet setting, electricity, and other daily ministry costs. We then can tell people how much we have and how much we are missing for our monthly budget so people can give through our website.

  • Pray that we prioritize our intimacy with God — our personal walk with Him, our family devotion. This is more important than success, and we want to be found faithful in His sight. 

  • Please pray for all the funding for the building project, the Seminary, the Christian School Academy. 

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Short term mission – long term impact

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Lk. 10:2 NASB

Would you or your church or organization like to be part of reaching the unreached with the gospel? Shema Madagascar is an indigenous ministry that is reaching out to the tribes and different people groups here in Madagascar. The tribes are still waiting and hungering to hear about the good news of Jesus. If your church or organization is interested and looking for an opportunity to serve, then why not take the opportunity to get involved with Shema Madagascar? You could be a part of developing Christ-centred churches among the Malagasy people groups and see people’s lives transformed by the gospel. There are so many ways for you to use your gifts and skills, on our ministry programs or through individual placements. If you feel called to this beautiful Island of Madagascar, then why not get in touch, and explore your role in God’s mission plan?

Being part of a team is a great way to be part of reaching the unreached here in Madagascar. Please bring your short-term teams to work with us alongside existing ministries. That means you get to serve in partnership with Shema Madagascar and the long-term missionaries, continuing and complementing the vision that God assigned them in discipling the nations.  Additionally, you will work with and support the effort of pioneering the Baptist Seminary in Fort Dauphin, planting the First Baptist Church there, and starting a Christian School Academy from Pre-K to grade 12. You will get a real insight into missionary life. Moreover, your work will not just be a one-off project, but instead, a vital part of seeing the ministry launched and the unreached turn to Christ.


Individual Placements

If you are looking to serve for a bit longer than four to eight weeks, or want to get involved in a specific ministry, then Shema Madagascar individual placements could be perfect for you. Maybe you have a particular skill, like teaching children, are involved in Christian School Education, teaching the Word of God, church planting, or mercy ministries and feel that God is calling you to use your skills in Madagascar? You will be living alongside long-term missionaries and be immersed in the Malagasy life and culture. Why not go and be excited by all that God is doing in Fort Dauphin and southern Madagascar? Shema Madagascar is here to welcome you.

What can I do?

There are many different opportunities to serve with Shema Madagascar. We are here to help you work out where you could best serve. Here are just some of the opportunities where you can serve:

  • Church Planting

  • Teaching / Christian School Education

  • Bible & Theology

  • Healthcare

  • Children & Youth

  • Outreach & Evangelism

  • Creative Access

  • Support & Pastoral Care

  • Church Development

  • Community Development

  • Women’s Ministry


Volunteer needs include:

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Financial Administrator

  • Computer IT Genius

  • Childcare Workers

  • Data Entry Workers

  • Meal Preparation Assistants

  • Event Logistical Assistants

  • Facilities and Grounds Workers

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Mission trip interest

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Specialized ministry opportunities

​This includes a community development project and bringing a medical outreach team to teach basic health care of prevention and treatment to pastors, church leaders, and community health care agent. The first team will go next year with Dr. John Gibson and with a few medical doctor students to visit Fort Dauphin and the surrounding area in the bush to provide healthcare to those in need. This team of  medical professionals from Fort Worth will unite to form various teams to share the love of Christ using the tool of medicine and will partners with First Baptist Church of Fort Dauphin to evangelize the lost and disciple believers. The goal for this kind of outreach is that they can assist dedicated missionaries and church planters to fulfill the Great Commission. 


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SPECIAL THANKS: We are very grateful and thankful to everyone who contributed to making all of this possible. We are thankful to everyone at Hulen Street Church for the great support we receive; we really are one body, and we are overwhelmed by your love. We are grateful to each individual, family, and church that is standing behind us as ministry partners and prayer partners. You all are a blessing, and thank you for your commitment. 

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