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Short-term Service: Encounter Missions

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

God is doing amazing things here in Madagascar, and you can be part of it. Short-term trips are an ideal first encounter with missions or for anyone who wants to put their passions to work on a grander scale. Likewise, youth groups, college groups, or small groups can spend a couple of weeks intentionally serving and learning about God from others of a different culture. No matter your vocation or stage in life, going on a one to two-week trip with a group of people is an impactful experience.

If you are willing to expand your worldview in a place where God is working like Madagascar, consider joining a short-term mission’s team. Whether it is your church, your school, your friends, or your family who are ready to serve in missions, we want to help you intersect your passions and God’s best for you. Team trips can be customized to suit your group’s specific interests and skills. So, if you want to do a construction project, lead a Vacation Bible School program, play beach soccer with locals, explore your calling in missions, or do something completely different, there’s a place for you here with Shema Madagascar.

Shema Madagascar Dream Team

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